Welcome to Simply Eyed

After many many...did I say MANY...prayers, my blog is finally come to fruition!!  I am so excited to see where God takes it.

Simply Eyed came about because my answer to almost everything is ..."Oh, it's simple...let me show, teach, etc. you".  The word simplified just didn't have the same pop I knew I wanted, and I wanted my vision statement to be bold and God-centered...and because God blessed me with cool-colored eyes...Simply Eyed - Living a life of purpose as a green-eyed girl happened.

Simply Eyed is a place to find everything from recipes, cool books, home school ideas, organization, and encouragement through God's word and other women who are walking closely with our Creator!!

I want the pages to invoke creativity, help, ideas, sighs of "oh thank God someone has already tried that...and IT WORKED!" like I do when I find awesome things on others' blogs, and even tears sometimes.

My journey has not always be easy or "simple" to say the least, but it has been real!! Where God has brought me from to where He has me currently can help someone, and if this blog encourages or teaches just one person in a Godly fashion...I am happy!!  We will get into the journey God has me on currently later this week in another post, but it's a doozy!!  Ya know when you are in the midst of it, and you are like "um God why do I have to learn faith and trust with so much pain and sorrow?"  Yep, I am there.  But, our God is a great and mighty one, and He is faithful and always knows why.

I pray that you can look to this blog for so many things, but that the all will inevitably point you into God's direction in some way.

I love feedback and please feel free to share, comment, or both!! 

This Holiday Season is one for the memory record books....see ya soon!

Many blessings,