"God doesn't give you more than you can handle"

First of all, that is one of the lies we as humans try to soothe ourselves with!

Like you, I have heard this phrase my whole life...when times are hard and difficult and unfair.  

The truth is...God DOES give us more than WE can handle...but He DOES NOT give us more than HE can handle.  That's they key difference. 

Some others you may have heard..."It builds character" or "it can only make you stronger"

Wrong!! Our relationship with God builds our character and only He can give us the strength to endure such heartache and pain.  

It is only when we become fully reliant on God, hit our knees in need of Him, and give all that we have to our Maker...can we begin to see the "plan for hope, prosperity and good" He has for us.

I am an "I've got this" kinda girl...always been a survivor of things, but I have been rocked to my core this year!!  So much so, my body is failing to keep up with the stress of self-management.

My stress hormones are in overdrive and causing a lot of physical symptoms I pray will go away soon...when a doctor tells you your insulin and cortisol levels are "off the charts" and your adrenal glands are "way past fatigued"..it is time to change most of your coping mechanisms.

We fail everyday, and not one of us can handle life without God being ever-present in every minute detail of our days.

The phrase "Let go and let God" is plastered all throughout my home to remind me of which mindset I need to keep.

I would love to talk to anyone who may be dealing with the loss of a parent or loved one and cannot seem to get a grip on things...if that's you...leave me a comment and a message :)

Many Blessings Ya'll