My Top 10 MOST FAVORITE Oils for the Holidays!!

I can not express how much I am in love with my Young Living Oils!!  I became a wholesale member a few months back to give my family and my home a chance at a better health and wellness.   
If you know me, which you will if you are subscribing to this blog, I try to make my life as SIMPLE as possible.  I truly believe that if we use what God gave us in the manner in which He intended it...then we can live simply!! 

Young Living helps me do that!!  

So here are my TOP 10 for the Holidays!!


This oil does wonders for so many things...even gets rid of cooked bacon and food smells!!  I use this on my dogs to keep pests like fleas and mosquitoes away too.  1-2 drops on the back of their necks once a week...no bugs or pests!! Our pets in our homes or traveling to our family's homes need to be pest free!!

What I love about Young Living is they produce safe and effective oils for the WHOLE family...these are AMAZING!!!  Even gentle enough for newborns...I used some this week on my 2 day old grandson!!

This stuff smells nasty (to me) but it WORKS!!! And when you need something to kill the stomach bug and stop the vomiting...this is YOUR oil!!  Honestly, when you are that sick...it doesn't matter that it has a licorice smell...2 drops topically on your tummy and one drop in your mouth...BYE BYE BUG!! Also great for over stuffing during the holidays or car sickness during holiday travel!!

This precious oil is listed at 4...but my family would say it is #1 in their book hahahaha
One of the things I love so much about this oil is that it only takes 1 drop put on the side of your throat to work...no trying to figure out a new place everyday to place it...no hassling with patches, creams, and artificial stuff!!  This oil makes for HAPPY WIVES AND MOMMIES
Great for de-stressing during the holidays or any day...and they call it the "Dragon Slayer" for a reason...many actually lol

I admit it...I have been using this oil DAILY lately!!  It smells so wonderful, and it is helping me through a very stressful holiday season with my mom's brain cancer (more on this in another post later)
Many of my customers use it for their vertigo, anxiety, depression
I use it also in my hubby's aftershave cream he puts all over his head lol...he chooses to be bald...and I love it!! I mix it with coconut oil and he smells yummy...and it helps with all the sun damage on his head.

I know, technically, that there is more than 3 oils on here...but all of the EVERYDAY OILS that come in your Premium Starter Kit (along with #10 coming up) DESERVE their own glory!!  Some of them are listed above already, and the rest are just as awesome!!  The MANY MANY MANY uses just one oil does is amazing, but you get eleven (11) oils in the Starter Kit....whoo hoo!!

The unlimited amount of things you can do with one or more of these...personally, I want one in every room, are ENDLESS!!!

So, we know the Holidays are a time to treasure time with family and loved ones, but our health and well being suffer from the stress of it all.  Now, you have some tools to combat all that comes with daily life and the Holiday seasons.

Here is my link to find out more about Young Living and to sign up to get these amazing oils and so much more with Wholesale Pricing!!! Merry Christmas

Many blessings friends and the happiest of holiday seasons to you!!

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